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Warwick Fourth of July Fireworks: 2014

Warwick, RI – The City’s Fireworks display, postponed from Thursday to Saturday due to rain from the approaching Hurricane Arthur, was worth the wait.

Thousands crowded into Warwick City Park Saturday night, where children passed the time with sparklers and glow sticks as people crowded the beach with blankets and camp chairs to get a view of the pyrotechnic show lit off from Oakland Beach, where another sizable crowd was gathered to celebrate the Fourth of July one day late.

Across the bay on Buttonwoods Cove, a large bonfire lit up the right hand portion of the sky as fireworks began to light up the left hand side, with the silhouettes of adults and children filling the center.

Have a look through our gallery of photos from the event, and stay tuned for a brief video of the action later this week.

Rob Borkowski
Author: Rob Borkowski

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