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Warwick 2020 Primary Ousts Corley, Preserves Other Incumbents

[CREDIT: Rob Borkowski] The Warwick 2020 primary unseated Councilman Rick Corley and preserved other incumbents, though with slim margins.

[CREDIT: Rob Borkowski] The Warwick 2020 primary unseated Councilman Rick Corley and preserved other incumbents, though with slim margins.
[CREDIT: Rob Borkowski] The Warwick 2020 primary unseated Councilman Rick Corley and preserved other incumbents, though with slim margins.
Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly identified Jeannie Calkin as an incumbent, and misidentified Steve Merolla’s place in the Dist. 31 race.

WARWICK, RI — With the final mail-in ballots counted for the Warwick 2020 primary, incumbent Councilman Richard Corley was ousted by challenger William A. Foley by 288 votes, while many other incumbents defended their seats by slim margins.

Foley ended primary night with a slight 106 vote lead over Corley at 416 to 310. By Thursday, the lead had increased by 182, at 927 to 639.

Foley will now face Republican Scott Phillips in the general election for Ward 1.

The primary was otherwise kind to incumbents, with one exception though by still-slim margins.

  • RI Senate Dist. 29 incumbent Michael McCaffery bested challenger Jennifer T. Rourke, with 1,947 to her 1,398 votes. McCaffery now faces Republican Jean Trafford Nov. 3.
  • RI Senate Dist. 30 contender Jeannie Calkin improved a single-digit lead to 1,065 votes ahead against incumbent Mark P. McKenney with 1,504 votes to his 1,215. Calkin will now face Independent  John Dale Ritchie on Nov. 3. Calkin had the endorsement of the Democratic party.
  • RI Senate Dist. 31 democrat contender Kendra Anderson emerged triumphant with 1,015 votes against City Councilman ,Steve Merolla, Brian S. Dunckley, and Michael F. Mita, and  receiving 850, 770, and 647 votes respectively.  Merolla, who declined to run for Ward 9 again to run for state senate, ends his City Council term this year. Anderson will now face Republican Scott Zamarano in the Nov. 3 election.
  • RI House Dist. 19 democrat representative  Joseph McNamara  defended his seat with 1,228 votes to Stuart A. Wilson’s 724. in Warwick, and 1,419 to 854 state-wide.
    McNamara will face Independent Patrick Maloney Jr. in the general election Nov. 3.
  • RI House Dist. 27 Rep. Patricia A. Serpa has a small-lead victory with 89 votes to Nicholas E. Delmenico’s 70 in Warwick and 920 to 393 state-wide.
  • Council Ward 8 democrat incumbent Anthony Sinapi won with a slight lead over challenger Dan Elliott at 508 to Elliott’s 376.
  • Council Ward 9 democrat contender Vincent J. Gebhart won with 757 votes to  Zach Colon’s 570. Gebhart will now face off  in the general election against independent Ward 9 candidates Aaron Mackisey and Sean M. Henry as well as Republican Armand Lusi.
  • Mayor Joseph J. Solomon won against primary challenger Carel Callahan Bainum with 6,333 votes to her 2,647 votes. Solomon now faces independent mayoral contender Frank Picozzi in the general election.

Langevin bests primary challenger Conley

Congressman Jim Langevin, a Warwick native, handily bested primary challenger Dylan Conley to run as the Democratic Congressional candidate, with 31,472 votes to Conley’s 13,404. Meanwhile, in Warwick, the split was 6,338 to 2,911 in Langevin’s favor.

Langevin will now run against Republican Robert Lancia Nov. 3

“I am humbled that the people of Rhode Island’s Second Congressional District have overwhelmingly voted for me as the Democratic nominee for the November 3 General Election.,” Langevin said in a statement following news of  the primary results.

“I do not take their trust and confidence in me for granted and I vow to continue the good fight to create a better Rhode Island. Today, we have taken an important step together to uphold our Democratic values and principles, but much work remains ahead of what we all know is a critical election that will determine the future of our nation,” he said.




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