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RIDOT: Post Road Apponaug Going One Lane, Pedestrian Friendly

[CREDIT: RIDOT] Post Road in Apponaug isn't the fastest way east through the village, and isn't planned to be in the future.
[CREDIT: RIDOT] Post Road in Apponaug isn’t the fastest way east through the village, and isn’t planned to be in the future.
WARWICK, RI — With six weeks left till the Apponaug Circulator Project wraps Sept. 8, RIDOT has reminded drivers that Post Road Apponaug is narrowing to one lane soon, and isn’t meant to be the primary eastern route through the village any longer.

Even when construction ends on Post Road between Apponaug Four Corners and West Shore Road, the fastest way east through the area will be Veterans Memorial Drive, as designed, according to the agency’s press release Tuesday.

“…traffic southbound on Rte. 5/Greenwich Avenue and headed to points east should use the new roadway (Veterans Memorial Drive) and avoid using Apponaug Four Corners and the section of Post Road where the new traffic pattern is being established,” the agency advised. (See illustration, #1)

Officials have noted  many drivers still use Post Road as the eastbound route through the village.

“This results in a longer trip time for them, as well as for drivers heading north into Apponaug from East Greenwich,” according to the release.

That’s not the only reason old habits concerning Post Road in Apponaug are a bad idea. Current work on Post Road will permanently reduce the number of travel lanes from two to one between the Apponaug Four Corners and West Shore Road. The one-way road will also get parallel parking spots on either side (See illustration, #2).

Post Road will also get raised crosswalks with bump outs to make it easier and safer for people to cross the street, creating a pedestrian-friendly traffic corridor along which existing and new businesses can expand and develop.

Construction is ongoing with a rough, gravel driving surface on this section of Post Road. One lane of travel will remain open at all times, but motorists should proceed slowly and allow additional travel time. On-street parking in this area will be restricted during daytime working hours with some parking restrictions during evenings and weekends while the area is under construction.

RIDOT expects to begin paving of the gravel areas in the next week.

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