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Motel 6 Execs to Visit Board of Public Safety April 14

Motel 6 at at 20 Jefferson Blvd., where a man was arrested for crack cocaine possession Dec. 18.
Motel 6 at at 20 Jefferson Blvd.
Motel 6 at at 20 Jefferson Blvd.

Warwick, RI   – Motel 6 executives will attend the April 14 Board of Public Safety meeting to discuss concerns stemming from numerous police calls to the hotel off Jefferson Boulevard.

The WPD has responded to 79 calls there this year, resulting in 75 arrests, including a sex trafficker lask month and a meth lab operator the week before, but Col. Stephen McCartney says he’s confident the hotel’s corporate leadership and the City can solve the venue’s chronic crime.

McCartney, who has been with the Warwick Police Department 14 years and with the Providence Police Department 25 years before that, said this years’ numerous police visits to Motel 6  aren’t the worst he’s seen.

At some places in Providence much more troubled, McCartney said, he and the owners were able to work out a solution, and he’s confident that can be done at Motel 6 as well.

According to a release posted on the Warwick Police Department website, the motel’s national vice president of safety and security has advised Mayor Scott Avedisian and McCartney of steps to curb crime.  Thos steps include the expansion of off-duty security coverage provided by the Warwick police department at the motel; the daily submittal of their guest list; raising the minimum check-in age from 18 to 21; and completing staff training on operations and safety as well as security policies and procedures.

The chain is also reviewing calls for assistance over the past year in order to make sound business decisions going forward.

“Motel 6’s leadership has assured both the Colonel and me that they are committed to addressing the existing issues at their Warwick location,” Avedisian said in the release.

“The steps they have recently taken, I believe, demonstrate their willingness to work with us to ensure the future safety and security of the motel for their guests and our community in general. We are looking forward to continuing this discussion with them next week.”


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