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Mayor Offers Condolences as WPD Investigates Boy’s Accidental Drowning at Warwick City Park

Warwick Police Headquarters at 99 Veterans Memorial Drive.
Warwick Police Headquarters at 99 Veterans Memorial Drive.
Warwick Police Headquarters at 99 Veterans Memorial Drive.

WARWICK, RI  — Mayor Scott Avedisian expressed his sympathy as well as that of the City, Warwick Police and Warwick Fire Departments to family of a six-year-old boy who drowned at Warwick City Park Sunday at 5:30 p.m.

“Our thoughts and prayers go to Skyla Araujo and Wilbert Stewart, III on the tragic loss of their son, Jamir,” Avedisian said in a statement this morning during a press conference with Police Chief. Col. Stephen McCartney today at Warwick Police Headquarters at 99 Veterans memorial Drive.

Avedisian said that upon being alerted that Jamir was missing, two City lifeguards asked for a description of the boy and immediately began to search the area for the child. Following protocol, the lifeguards walked the entire length of the beach multiple times, and then began to clear the water, Avedisian said.

Warwick Police and the Wawick Fire Department were dispatched to the area, where officers spread out to search multiple parts of the park, including the restrooms and playground, since the last known whereabouts of the child were uncertain, the Mayor said.

At the same time, firefighters and patrons began a water search — forming a linked-arm line, the standard protocol for a such a search. The searchers found Jamir and a firefighter administered CPR, after which the boy was immediately transported Kent County Hospital.

“This is a devastating time for the family of this young boy. I will be working closely with the Colonel McCartney as the investigation continues, but ask that the public allow the police department to do their job. I would like to commend both lifeguards for their quick action and following their protocol to the fullest extent. Their job is not an easy one, especially considering the exceptionally hot temperatures and large crowds.”

The lifeguards have been reassigned within the city as the investigation of the drowning continues, according to the Mayor’s office.

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