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Council to Elect New President, May Buy Streetlights

Warwick City Hall
Warwick City Hall. Surplus
Warwick City Hall.

WARWICK,RI  — The Warwick City Council meets Monday, May 21 at 7 p.m., starting off with the election of a new City Council President, followed by a number of items including a resolution completing the purchase of 8,881 street lights and 259 poles from National Grid at $46,166.17 by hiring Prism Streetlights of Wakefield to maintain them for $600,000 at an estimated savings of $572,838.

Former City Council President Joseph Solomon was named Acting Mayor April 25 after former Mayor Scott Avedisian accepted a position as CEO of RIPTA, and was in turn temporarily replaced on the Council by Gallucci.

As a result, Solomon is no longer a Councilman, and no longer the Council President. There won’t be a special election for Council, however, since the seat became vacant within 180 days of the regular election, Councilman Jeremy Rix noted.


According to state law, purchasing the lights from National Grid must coincide with the city naming a vendor to maintain them, according to a letter to the Council submitted by former Finance Director Bruce Keiser, who abruptly resigned Friday afternoon.

The maintenance contract with Prism would last for three years. In the event the contract is awarded, a resolution to purchase the street lights from National Grid will be placed on an upcoming City Council agenda. An additional conversion of the streetlights to LED, which will allow further cost savings and the ability to set the lights for peak and off-peak dimming controls, was also proposed by Keiser.

Below are the links to the dockets and legislation for the May 21st  Warwick City Council Meeting.























 pcr-82-18_bid_2018-315_power_wash_plus_cleaner_degreaser.pdf 00 Agenda-May 15, 2018



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