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Warwick Schools Trail State Average on PARCC Scores

 Warwick, RI — Districts state wide show room for improvement on the 2015 PARCC score test of Common Core readiness, with Warwick behind state averages in Geography, Algebra 1, and ELA/Literacy.

Local educators may take heart in the knowledge that Warwick schools scored even with the state on Mathematics in general (26 percent proficient), and only just behind the state average on ELA/Literacy at 31 percent proficient compared to the state’s 36 percent. However, the state averages themselves show room for improvement, according to the RI Department of Education.

Warwick Schools results were released on the state education department’s PARCC results website this morning. Charts of the results are displayed in the galleries below (click on an image to enlarge it in a separate window):

Warwick (All Grades) & State Average (Math, Alg1, ELA/Lit, Geography): 



Warwick & State Average by Grade for Geography:

Warwick & State Average by Grade for Algebra 1:

Warwick & State Average by Grade for Math:

Warwick & State Average by Grade for ELA/Literacy:

RIDE announced that members of the department will visit every district in the state to assess how to improve the scores. Among the strategies the Department will pursue are:

  • Invest in teachers through high-quality preparation programs and continuous professional development
  • Empower our principals to lead strong school communities
  • Ensure that every student has access to rigorous coursework that builds upon their strengths and interests and prepares them for their futures
  • Partner with parents and families.

“These latest results track closely with previous data from other assessments such as the SAT and with college-readiness rates, and these results show, once again, that we have work to do,” said Education Commissioner Ken Wagner.

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