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Warwick Honors Sept. 11 Victims, Responders at Oakland Beach Memorial

Warwick, RI – A small group of families and officials gathered at Oakland Beach to honor the memories of Warwick residents killed during the Sept. 11 attacks for a brief ceremony during the 13th anniversary of the day Thursday.

Members of the Warwick Fire Department, WFD Chaplain Ftr. Robert Marciano, Mayor Scott Avedisian and City Councilors Camille Vella-Wilkinson and Steven Colantuono attended the event. The ceremony included a WFD honor guard and a moment for family members to place flowers by the memorial stones bearing the images of the Warwick people who lost their lives to the terrorist attacks: Carol Marie Bouchard, Renee Newell, and Mark Charrette.

Colantuono spoke to the crowd about the effect on the nation of that day’s events, including an airliner flown into each of the World Trade Towers, one flown into the Pentagon and a fourth believed to be headed toward Washington DC which crashed in Pennsylvania when passengers fought the hijackers. The attacks killed about 3,000 people, according to, including about 400 firefighters and police officers responding to the crashes.

“The events of 9/11 sparked in us a great deal of fear, a great deal of anger and in the end, a lot of sadness. But it also brought to us a great deal of resolve, a great deal of pride and a great deal of respect. Respect for those people who serve in uniform. First responders, veterans and our active military members. It’s important for us to remember their service, not only on that day, but their service every day and in past days. And I think this day, 9/11, helps us to remember all of the sacrifices and the ultimate sacrifices,” Colantuono said.

Donna Lee Charette and her husband, Larry, were there to remember their son, Mark, who was on the 100th floor of the World Trade Center for a meeting when American Airlines Flight 11 struck the north tower. Charette pointed at the trio of memorial stones circling the flagpole at the site.

“These two girls were in that plane,” she said.

Charette said she’s glad the memorial overlooks the water at Oakland Beach, where Larry, now retired from fishing, and Mark would fish together.

“This is such a great spot,” she said.

Pat Croce, sister-in-law of Renee, said she was pleased the ceremony was light and brief.

“I like that,” Croce said.

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