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Warwick Fencer Takes Silver at Worcester Fencing Club Tournament

[CREDIT: Courtesy Submssion] Warwick fencer Bill Cooney.
[CREDIT: Courtesy Submission] Warwick fencer Bill Cooney.
WORCESTER, MA — Bill Cooney of Warwick represented the Rhode Island Fencing Academy & Club (RIFAC) in E. Providence at an unclassified fencing tournament held Sept. 24-25, 2016, at WorcesterFencing Club in Worcester, MA, winning a silver in men’s sabre.

Fencers at “unclassified” events are restricted to those without a national rating. Alex Ripa, owner and head coach at RIFAC, together with coaches Jeff Mooney, Matt Duquette, and Jimmy Whittle, supported Bill and the RIFAC team on the strips in Worcester.

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