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Warwick Animal Groups receive $56K from RI Foundation’s PAW

[CREDIT: RI Foundation] The Rhode Island Foundation is located at One Union Station in downtown Providence.
[CREDIT: RI Foundation] The Rhode Island Foundation is located at One Union Station in downtown Providence.
[CREDIT: RI Foundation] The Rhode Island Foundation is located at One Union Station in downtown Providence.

 WARWICK, RIThe Ocean State Animal Coalition and PAAWS RI will benefit from a total of $56,250 from the Rhode Island Foundation’s Program for Animal Welfare (PAW).

The majority of the funding, part of $480,000 in grants for animal welfare services awarded by the Foundation across Rhode Island,will support low-cost vet care for the pets of needy owners, according to the Foundation.

OSAC received $31,250 to provide pet owners with low-cost spay and neuter services for their dogs and cats and free transportation to the R.I. Community Spay/Neuter Clinic, where the procedures are performed.

“This grant enables us to continue to remove barriers that prevent many dogs and cats from receiving needed spay and neuter surgical services. The clinic’s van travels throughout the state, ensuring that animals in the care of shelters and rescue organizations and pets whose owners could not otherwise get to us can have the surgery they need,” said Laura Carlson, president of OSAC’s Board of Directors.

PAAWS RI in Warwick received $25,000 for the care and medical rehabilitation of sick or injured animals. The organization expects to treat more than 200 animals this year. 

“Many of our patients are abandoned former pets that have fared poorly trying to live on the streets. With this grant, we will be able to bring many animals back to good health, through vaccinations, deworming, spay or neuter services and other medical and surgical care if it is called for, such as eye removals, amputations, broken leg repair, bladder stone removals, wound care and many other procedures, said Annette Rauch, president of PAAWS RI’s Board of Directors.

PAW is funded with assistance from the Virginia B. Butler Fund, Abbie A. Brougham Memorial Fund, Ginger, Sheba and Susie Carr Fund, Chariho Westerly Animal Rescue League Animal Welfare Fund, Mary Lou Crandall Fund, Julius and Lena DelPapa Memorial Fund, John Richard Duhamel Fund for Animals,  Jeanne Marie Mehmed Fund, Vernon and Mary Pierce Fund, Helen Walker Raleigh Animal Fund, Ilon Sillmon/Sara Andrews Endowment Fund, Vinny Animal Welfare Fund and Dawn, Gregg and Leland Weingeroff Animal Fund.

PAW funds organizations that promote and provide humane treatment of animals or work more generally on the welfare of animals. Grants are for projects or programs that have a positive impact locally or statewide on animal care, education about the humane treatment of animals and animal welfare in general.

“The generosity of our donors and the commitment of our partners are expanding humane education, increasing awareness and improving the quality of animal care in Rhode Island,” said Adrian Bonéy, who oversees PAW. “Their work is producing new approaches to animal welfare and increasing the number of animals receiving direct care across Rhode Island.”

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