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Suspect in Package Thefts Sentenced in Warwick, Pawtucket, No. Prov. Cases


Kent County Courthouse, Warwick, R.I. [R.I. Attorney General website]
WARWICK, RI — The Pawtucket man arrested in a series of package thefts from local homes has been sentenced for the charges brought by Warwick Police, as well as separate charges from two prior cases.

Kent County District Court Judge Mary McCaffrey sentenced Christopher Tanksley, 28, to four months in jail on Feb. 15 on one misdemeanor count of larceny, with a one-year suspended sentence and one year’s probation.

In the two other cases, Tanksley was sentenced to concurrent prison terms for shoplifting.

On Feb. 16, Providence Superior Court Judge John F. McBurney III sentenced Tanksley to four years in prison, with four months to serve, in a felony shoplifting case brought by North Providence Police. McBurney also imposed a 44-month suspended sentence with 44 months’ probation.

That same day, Providence County District Court Judge Joseph Ippolito Jr. imposed a four-month sentence with a one-year suspended sentence and one year’s probation on a probation violation set in a 2017 shoplifting and disorderly conduct case brought by Pawtucket Police.

Tanksley had already served concurrent 30-day sentences on the Pawtucket charges, with a one-year suspended sentence and one year’s probation imposed for the shoplifting charge.

In the most recent case, Warwick Police first arrested Tanksley in December after a Fair Street resident reported that he caught Tanksley taking a package from a neighbor’s home, and found that Tanksley had two other stolen parcels hidden in his coat.

At the time, police were unable to file charges because none of the other neighbors were home. Between Dec. 12 and 27, several neighbors contacted the department to press charges.

Local police arrested Tanksley during a traffic stop on Metro Center Boulevard on Feb. 15.

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