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Suspect in DUI Rollover Serving Jail Terms from Prior Cases

Warwick Police Department.
Warwick Police Department.

Warwick, RI — The West Warwick man arrested for DUI after a Dec. 23 rollover is serving 90 days in jail for a bail violation from a previous case, plus 10 days on a separate DUI charge.

Third District Court Judge Elaine T. Bucci sentenced Shane Pugsley, 27, of 20 Queen St., to the 90-day term following a Feb. 3 hearing on the charge of violating bail terms set on charges of DUI and leaving the scene of an accident, property damage resulting, brought by Warwick Police in October, 2014, according to online court records.

Bucci also sentenced Pugsley to 10 days for one count of DUI, second offense, brought by Warwick Police on Jan. 20. She also imposed two months and 10 days probation, with the same term of probation on the DUI charge, and a one-year suspended sentenced and one year’s probation on a charge of driving with a suspended license from the same case.

Warwick Police officers arrested Puglsey on Dec. 23 following a single-truck rollover in Warwick City Park. According to police reports, officers suspected Pugsley of switching seats in the truck with a female passenger prior to his arrest. He also refused to submit to a chemical test, resulting in an additional charge.

Pugsley is also awaiting trial on a charge of felony assault with a firearm brought by Warwick Police in January. He is scheduled for a screening on Feb. 23.

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