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Subscribers Aid Warwick Post’s Graduate, Budget Coverage

Toll-Gate-Graduation-2017-60Three years after’s launch on April 20, 2014, a combination of subscribers and advertisers helped the site beef up its budget coverage of the 2017 budget hearings, and aided our effort to expand school reporting to the 2017 public high school graduations.

To our continuing and returning advertisers, DIF Design, and the Matt Patty Team, and the subscribers who’ve supported our efforts, thank you.

We need more of both. If you’re someone who’d be good at selling advertising for, and is interested in doing that for a generous commission, please reach out to us at [email protected]. Let’s talk. If you’re thinking of subscribing, there’s no time like the present.

Since May, we’ve been asking regular readers to pay $1.50 each month to read more than 20 free articles. A full year’s access is $15. Subscribers get unlimited access to the site, the reminders counting down free articles go away, and they also get access to exclusive videos. Recently, those subscriber-only videos have included a brief talk with 4corners Coffee’s Steve Brady, and highlights from the 2017 Gaspee Days Parade.

Asking for subscriptions, putting up any kind of paywall, is a risky move. Conventional wisdom at the end of lots of Google searches will tell you to expect to lose readership with a pay wall, even a metered one that allows limited access to content. hasn’t missed a beat.

In May, the site earned 43,000 page views. This month, we’ve racked up 27,000 page views so far, with ten days left on the calendar.

That’s great news. We’re grateful to have maintained our readership – gained a little, in fact, and expanded our coverage. Your subscription can help us do more — you can subscribe up-front, before the 20 free articles run out, if you’d like.  

Let’s have a great year together.

Rob Borkowski
Author: Rob Borkowski

Rob has worked as reporter and editor for several publications, including The Kent County Daily Times and Coventry Courier, before working for Gatehouse in MA then moving home with Patch Media. Now he's publisher and editor of Contact him at [email protected] with tips, press releases, advertising inquiries, and concerns.

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