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RIDOT Releases Apponaug Construction Update

[CREDIT: RIDOT] The new road connecting Veterans Memorial Drive to the Toll Gate Road/Centerville Road intersection is beginning to take shape.
[CREDIT: RIDOT] The new road connecting Veterans Memorial Drive to the Toll Gate Road/Centerville Road intersection is beginning to take shape.
Warwick, RI — RIDOT’s $29.9 million Apponaug Circulator Project is a month ahead of schedule and on-budget, with work starting on the roundabout for the Centerville Road / Tollgate Road / Gilbane Street intersection, during which the RIDOT recommends caution.

“As the Roundabout Construction develops over the next few weeks, the existing traffic light will be removed and motorists are advised of new traffic patterns to develop.  Please use caution as you travel through this area,” RIDOT warned in their update for this week, according the the Central RI Chamber of commerce.

The RIDOT also provided the following construction alerts for the area:

Work Anticipated for July 11 – July 1
Post Road – West Shore Road to Veterans Memorial Drive: 

* Begin installation of Integrally Colored and Stamped Concrete Truck Aprons and islands.

Work will take place Wednesday thru Friday, 6:00 am to 3:30 pm, within closed portion of roadway. The two Northbound travel lanes will remain opened.
Veterans Memorial Drive – Post Road to Greenwich Avenue:
* Continue placements of new concrete sidewalks & driveways.
* General cleanup behind sidewalks for plantable soil.
* Place new curbing for Greenwich Ave Round About.
* Paving hot mix Asphault on West Pleasant Street.
Work will take place Monday thru Friday, 6:00 am to 4:30 pm.  Two Right travel lanes will remain closed to traffic and the two left travel lanes will be opened to traffic on Veterans Memorial Drive.
Within the next two weeks, upon completion of Sidewalks & Driveways, Traffic will be shifted to the newly constructed travel lanes, and the two left lanes will close for Reconstruction. Once traffic is shifted to the two right lanes, traffic will utilize the roundabout at Greenwich Ave. 
Centerville Road – Warwick Executive Park to Tollgate Road:
* Continue Placement curbing & sidewalks & driveways at various locations, including the new round about and divider islands at Tollgate Rd/ Centerville Rd/ Gilbane St.
* Cleanup and place Plantable soil behind new sidewalks will continue.
* Placing hot mix asphalt on Calef Street.
Work will take place, Monday thru Friday, 6:00 am- 3:30 pm, Current Travel lanes will remain opened with lane shifts .
Veterans Memorial Drive Extension (Former Mill Site):
* Install new curbing for divider islands will continue.
* Prepare islands for Integrally Colored and Stamped Concrete.

Work at former mill site will have no impacts to traffic.

Post Road (Village) – Centerville Road to West Shore Road:

* Verizon is anticipated to install new underground telephone duct system at Apponaug Four corners. Work is expected to be performed, Wednesday thru Thursday Night, 9:00 pm to 5:00 am.  One lane will be closed and One lane will be opened on Centerville Rd, Greenwich Ave & Post Rd Northbound.

Greenwich Avenue – Post Rd to Luther Ave.:
*  Installation of new granite curbing for Round About is anticipated to begin.
* Installation of new concrete sidewalks will continue.
Work will take place Monday thru Friday, within the roadway closure sections with traffic shift on Greenwich Avenue, Southbound .
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