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Place Your (Legal) Bets on This Year’s Super Bowl


WARWICK, R.I. – For the first time, Rhode Islanders will be able to place legal bets on Sunday’s Super Bowl match-up at two in-state locations: Twin River Casino in Lincoln and Tiverton Casino Hotel.

And, just like the sports books in places like Atlantic City and Las Vegas, Rhode Island’s sportsbooks are taking wagers on not only the eventual outcome of Super Bowl LII between the New England Patriots and L.A. Rams, but also on so-called prop bets, which pit two unrelated outcomes against each other.

Here’s the rundown of Sunday’s odds and a sampling of the prop bets set by William Hill and published by Twin River and Tiverton Casino.

|Click for Twin River-William Hill Prop Packet PDF

The line: As of Friday afternoon, the Patriots were favored by 2 1/2 points over the Rams, with an over/under of 57 1/2 points.

A Rams win pays out +120, versus a -140 payout for a Pats victory. This means that to win $100 on the Patriots, you’d have to bet $140, and that a $100 bet on the Rams would result in $120 profit if the L.A. team wins.

Prop bets, Tier 1: These are the fairly generic Super Bowl prop bets, like who wins the opening coin toss, who gets the ball first, and who will score first.

Here’s how they stack up for Sunday’s big game:

  • The opening coin toss is a literal toss-up, with heads and tails both at -105.
  • The team receiving the opening kickoff line favors the Rams (-130) over the Patriots (+110).
  • The odds for an opening kickoff touchback lean toward “yes” (-220) over “no” (+190)
  • Bookmakers expect the first team to score will be the Patriots (-120) over the Rams (even).

Prop Bets, Tier 2: These wagers get a bit more specific about the game action, including payoffs for predicting interceptions and other plays:

  • Wagering that the first score will be a field goal or a safety carries a +125 payout while a first-score TD stands at -145.
  • Likewise, the odds favor the last score being a touchdown with a -185 line while a FG or safety would bring a +165 payout.
  • Odds are split evenly on number of offensive plays in the game, with either side of the 133 1/2 spread at -110.
  • Bookmakers think the team with the most offensive plays will be the Patriots (-160) instead of the Rams (+140).

Prop Bets, Tier 3: These props set Super Bowl results against completely unrelated events, mostly other games that are happening this weekend:

  • Bruins goals vs. Patriots field goals: Bruins are +1/2 on the point spread and favorites (-125) to score more than the Pats’ field goal unit.
  • Bruins saves vs. Brady completions: The line is a pick ’em, with Brady at -125 and the Bruins netminders at +105.
  • Pastrnak shots on goal vs. Michel yard on first rush: This is also a straight-up pick, with the Pats running back the more profitable wager at +105 and Pasta’s SOG tally at -125.
  • And if you’re an NBA fan, another prop bet sets Kyrie Irving points and assists against Patriots points: This has no spread, and payout is equal with either result.
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