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Picozzi Suspends Recycling Bins Rule


[Credit: Warwick Sanitation Dept. website]
Mayor Frank Picozzi has suspended the requirement that residents must put out recycling bins for trash pickup.
WARWICK, RI — Mayor Frank Picozzi on Monday suspended the requirement that residents must leave recycling bins out to have their trash picked up.

In a Facebook post dated Sept. 13, Picozzi explained that he made the decision because several vehicles in the city’s trash pickup fleet are inoperable.

“This should lighten the load and save the crews a lot of time while we try to get our fleet back on the road,” Picozzi wrote.

Earlier in the day, Picozzi noted that “We still have half of our trucks down and repairs are being delayed because parts are not available.”

The mayor also thanked the Warwick Sanitation & Recycling Department staff “for their Herculean efforts to try to get us through this,” and local residents for their “patience and tolerance” as the city addresses the vehicle shortage.

“I apologize for all of this,” he added.

The current situation dates back to at least late August, when Picozzi reported on Facebook that “our sanitation trucks suffered mechanical failures which makes it impossible to complete the daily routes,” leading to delays in trash and recycling pickups. He also wrote: “Our trucks and equipment should have never been allowed to get to this point because of past poor decisions.”

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