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Cases Filed for Trio Involved in Kohl’s Shoplifting

Kent County Courthouse, Warwick, R.I. [R.I. Attorney General website]

WARWICK — The cases of three people arrested for shoplifting at the Kohl’s store at Rhode Island Mall on March 9 have been filed for one year.

Richard Irvin, 28; Tristan Irvin, 25; and Alisha Leonard, 30, all pleaded no contest to various misdemeanor charges stemming from their theft of more than $500 in merchandise from the store.

Third Division District Court Judge Joseph Ippolito Jr. handed down the ruling on March 21 for each charge of conspiracy and removal of an anti-theft device against Richard Irvin, of 28 Chittic Road, Hyde Park, MA, imposed a no-trespass order, and ordered Irvin to pay $186.75 in court costs.

In a separate court hearing on March 11, Ippolito filed charges of shoplifting and conspiracy against Tristan Irvin, of 5 Judoin St., West Warwick, and imposed a no-trespass order and $186.75 in court costs. The third person, Alisha Leonard, of 1870 West Shore Road, Warwick, received a similar judgment on March 21.T

According to Warwick Police, five officers responded to the store at about 3:30 p.m. on March 9 and were informed by the store manager that the three had taken the empty box for a pet ladder and were filling it with electronics and clothing.

Officers arrested each of the three people after they exited the store carrying stolen merchandise.

Leonard walked out of the store with the box containing the items, Officer Brice Law reported. Richard Irvin, who had removed anti-theft devices from two watches valued at $178.50, and Tristan Irvin, who put some of the stolen items into the box, left the store a short time later. All three were apprehended by police in the store parking lot.

Under Rhode Island state law, the cases can be reinstated if the three are arrested again within the next year, or fail to pay court costs.

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