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Buckeye Brook Fish Count Volunteers Sought

[CREDIT: Buckeye Brook Coalition] The Buckeye Brook Fish Count needs your help.

[CREDIT: Buckeye Brook Coalition] The Buckeye Brook Fish Count needs your help.
[CREDIT: Buckeye Brook Coalition] The Buckeye Brook Fish Count needs your help.
WARWICK, RI — The Buckeye Brook Coalition and RIDEM need to know how many Herring are in Buckeye Brook, and they’d like your help during the Buckeye Brook Fish Count.

The Buckeye Brook Coalition, the RI State Designated Local Watershed Council for the Buckeye Brook Watershed, in Cooperation with the RI Department of Environmental Management, Division of Fish & Wildlife, is recruiting volunteers for training and to participate in the Annual 2024 Buckeye Brook Fish Count.

The annual fish count gathers volunteers to participate during the River Herring / fish migration season from April 1 through May 30 each year to observe and count fish in our local watershed where the fish swim upstream to spawn.

Buckeye Brook Fish Habitat

Buckeye Brook is a natural habitat and underwater maternity ward for River Herring, which annually swim from the ocean, through Narragansett Bay and through Buckeye Brook in Warwick, where they swim as far north as Spring Green Pond in Hoxsie to lay their eggs, before returning to the sea.  For many reasons, including climate changes, stream blockages, and over fishing, fish stocks can vary from year to year.

Agencies like the US Fish and Wildlife Service and RIDEM Fish & Wildlife maintain data which is used for fisheries management.  This impacts commercial and recreational fishing in RI and our economy.

Why Hold The Buckeye Brook Fish Count? 

Fish counts are used for many reasons, including fisheries management and to ensure that species survive from depletion. Annual Fish Count statistics are compiled from our local fish counts and similar counts around the United States, where the numbers can be compared year to year to assess the health of fish stock levels and to best manage fish stocks over a wide geographic area through local and national efforts.   It’s also a fun volunteer activity.

RI DEM River Herring Count 2024 Key Points

  • How to Help:  Volunteer to Count Fish in Buckeye Brook in Warwick, R.I.
  • Where:  Buckeye Brook at Warwick Avenue.
  • To Sign Up – Click this link:
  • Requirements: All new volunteers are required to attend one training session and are required to complete a Volunteer Waiver Form before starting their fish counting.
  • New Volunteer Training Session: The in-person Training Session will be held on Thursday, March 21, 5 – 6 p.m. at the fish count site where Buckeye Brook passes under Warwick Avenue.   Please register via the web link below.
  • Alternate training dates For volunteers who cannot attend the March 21st training session, alternate training sessions may be made when you register to participate.
  • Returning Volunteers are not required to attend the in-person training session.  We would love to have returning volunteers join us! Please register via the web link below.
  • WHERE TO REGISTER and SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER:  Sign Ups for Volunteers are done through Jennifer Brooks, Volunteer Program Coordinator,  RIDEM Division of Fish & Wildlife, by registering at this web link.
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