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WPD Stops Erratic Driver, Charges Him for Loaded Pistol, DUI

[CREDIT: WPD} Franco Didomenico, 55, of Meadow View Road in Warwick, RI, was arrested April 22 for DUI and for carrying a weapon while intoxicated.
[CREDIT: WPD} Franco DiDomenico, 55, of Meadow View Road in Warwick, RI, was arrested April 22 for DUI and for carrying a weapon while intoxicated.
UPDATE: According to Kent County Superior Court records, on Sept. 12, 2017, the charges of carrying a weapon while under the influence; resisting arrest; and disorderly conduct against DiDomenico were dismissed.

DiDomenico pled ‘no contest’ to the DUI, Blood Alcohol Concentration Unknown, First Offense charge, and was sentenced to one year’s probation and community service, DWI school, a $100 fine, loss of his license, and the permanent surrender of his permit to carry and gun license. He was also ordered to pay $780 in court costs.


WARWICK, RI  — A motorist alerted a Warwick officer to an erratic driver of a Mercury Grand Marquis April 22 at 9:45 p.m., leading to the man’s arrest on a DUI charge and for carrying weapons  – a loaded 9mm pistol – while intoxicated.

After the motorist alerted the officer to the driver, he attempted to speak wit the man, but he sped away in his car, according to Warwick Police. The officer followed the vehicle, which eventually stopped about 1,000 ft. away in the parking lot of the Dollar General Store on West Shore Road.

According to Warwick Police, the officer caught up with the driver, later identified as Franco DiDomenico, 55, of Meadow View Road in Warwick, RI. He noticed signs of intoxication in the motorist, including blood shot, watery eyes, slurred speech and a very strong odor of alcohol coming from his breath.  He also had difficulty standing and maintaining balance. The officer also noticed spent shotgun casings strewn inside the car, according to police.

When asked if the operator was carrying firearms, he confirmed that he was. While the officer was attempting to take DiDomenico into custody, the man became verbally abusive toward the officer then physically resisted arrest and attempted to get back into his vehicle. The officer was able to subdue and arrest him.

A search of the car revealed a loaded 9mm semi automatic pistol.

DiDomenico  was charged with Carrying a Weapon While Intoxicated, Resisting Arrest, DUI, blood alcohol unknown, Refusal to Submit to a Chemical Test and Threats to Public Officials.


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