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WPD Arrests Driver in Main Avenue Single-Car Crash on DUI Charge

The Warwick Police Department is located at 99 Veterans Memorial Drive.

WARWICK, RI — Warwick Officer Gavin McVeigh was called for a disabled motorist on Main Avenue near Warwick Industrial Avenue Oct. 16 at 9:14 p.m., finding a black Ford Escape blocking the the right and part of the left lanes, at the end of a trail of skid marks headed toward the curb then back to the car, later arresting the driver on a DUI charge.

McVeigh parked behind the Escape and put on his lights to warn approaching traffic, noting the skid marks and flat rear passenger side tire and a broken axle on the front tire. McVeigh noted there were two people in the car, and spoke to the driver, identifying him as Kyle Langlais, 31, of 2 Danby St., West Warwick. Neither reported any injuries, and both refused medical care, according to the officer’s report.

As they spoke, McVeigh reported he could smell a “very strong” odor of alcohol coming from the car. McVeigh also reported Kyle’s eyes were blood shot and glassy, and that his speech was slurred. When asked for his license and registration, Kyke was only able to provide his passport.

When McVeigh asked if he’d been drinking, Kyle said he had been drinking at Chili’s, including mixed drinks and vodka.

Given this information, McVeigh invited Kyle to a series of sobriety tests, which Kyle consented to. He used his arms to brace himself as he got out of the car, then used his left hand to help his balance as he walked to the rear of the car, according to the officer’s report.

During the vision test, Kyle was so off-balance that McVeigh had to reach out and steady him to prevent him from falling, according to the officer’s report. Kyle told him he didn’t want to proceed with the tests after that, according to the report.

When McVeigh asked if he was sure he didn’t want to take the tests, Kyle said, “What’s the point, because we both know that I am drunk.”

McVeigh handcuffed Kyle and transported him to Warwick Police Headquarters, where the driver refused to take a breath alcohol test. McVeigh charged him with DUI, alcohol, first offense, blood alcohol unknown, and cited him for refusing the breath test.

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