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Warwick Weekend: Celebrate Rocky Point Open House

A view of the newly-cleaned Rocky Point.
A view of the newly-cleaned Rocky Point.

Warwick, RI — Following Friday’s scheduled tour by local and state officials, the site of Rocky Point will be open to the public on Saturday, Oct. 25, beginning at 10 a.m.

The rain-or-shine event will include food trucks, entertainment, and a chance to explore the recently-cleared areas of the 83-acre site perched on Narragansett Bay.

With the acquisition of the land by the state and City of Warwick, several former structures on the old Rocky Point site — including the Shore Dinner Hall and the Palladium/Windjammer, and more than 50 summer cottages — were demolished to make way for publicly-accessible open space.

Authentic dinnerware from the former event halls will also be available for sale.

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