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Warwick Schools Summer Assignments: Grades 3 to 6

School starts Sept. 2 in Warwick — here's where to find summer assignments.
School starts Sept. 2 in Warwick — here’s where to find summer assignments.

Warwick, RI — The 2015-16 school year starts Sept. 2 in Warwick, so help your kids get a jump on their summer assignments using the following links to the Warwick School Department.

All students in grades 1 through 12 have summer assignments in reading and math to complete before the first day — here’s how to find all of them:


Students going into grades 3 through 6 are required to read one fiction and one nonfiction book, and complete two reading activities [worksheet here], which count as two extra credit homework grades and go toward first-quarter incentives.

The attached worksheet has pages of suggestions for grades 3 to 6, which you can find at the Warwick Public Library — but note: there is no mandatory book title list. So, use the included book lists as guides to what is considered appropriate reading level for your child.

Other important requirements: Books must be approved by parent/guardian, meet the student’s reading level, and be a new book that the student has not read before.

Use the Ocean State Libraries online catalog to search and reserve titles.

Warwick hosts four library branches where pick-up is available and you can sign the kids up for a library card, passport to a million lands. Schedules vary.

Reading assignments for grades 3 to 6 are due by Sept. 11, 2015.


These assignments are required by Sept. 8, according to a letter from Mathematics and Science Coordinator Ryan Mullen on summer assignments for grades 1 to 9.

Students going into grades 4 to 6 have a BINGO-style game board to complete, guided by exercises on the district’s IXL Math website. Parents need a username and password to access the site — call (401) 734-3219 x343 or email [email protected]

Find each math assignment here:

More info:

Need to reach someone in the Warwick School Department? Find the phone numbers here.

If you’re signing up your child as a student in Warwick for the first time, use this registration guide.

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