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Warwick Open Houses: April 18 and 19

24 Harborview Drive, Warwick.
24 Harborview Drive, Warwick.

Warwick, RI — Heading out on a house hunt this weekend? Check out this selection of Open Houses in Warwick for April 18 and 19, 2015.

Just use the MLS# listed below for each property listing on, including more details about each home and agent contact information.

Saturday, April 18:

24 Harborview Drive, MLS# 1090972

225 Sleepy Hollow Farm Road, MLS# 1092528

150 Cumberland Road, MLS# 1092934

Sunday, April 19:

14 Beacon Ave., MLS# 1091145

42 Herbert St., MLS# 1091655

145 D’Agnillo Drive, MLS# 1090389

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