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Warwick Officer Shoots, Kills Two Dogs After Attack On Titus Lane

[CREDIT: Bethany Hashway] Warwick Police responded to a report of two dogs that had attacked a man and his dog on Titus Lane, shooting and killing the attacker dogs.

[CREDIT: Bethany Hashway] Warwick Police responded to a report of two dogs that had attacked a man and his dog on Titus Lane, shooting and killing the attacker dogs.
[CREDIT: Bethany Hashway] Warwick Police responded to a report of two dogs that had attacked a man and his dog on Titus Lane, shooting and killing the attacker dogs.
UPDATE June 21, 2:47 p.m.: Warwick Police have identified and commended the officer who shot and killed two dogs as they attacked a man and his smaller dog Tuesday night, and have also released the name of the victim, who suffered a dog bite.

Police identified the officer as John Zaborski, a five year veteran of the Warwick Police Department, and the the victim as Robert Joyal, 57, of Shirley Street in Warwick, R.I.

Zaborski resorted to his service pistol while attempting to help Joyal and his dog as they were being attacked by two Pitbull – breed dogs. Zaborski first attempted to use his Taser on one of the dogs, then his pistol on the second when that failed to deter either animal, killing it. He then attempted to deter the second animal with physical force before resorting to his firearm again, killing that dog as well.

“Off. Zaborski should be commended for his actions during the incident on Titus Lane in preventing further injury to Mr. Joyal and other bystanders who were in the area at the time,” wrote WPD Maj. Rick Rathbun.

UPDATE: Warwick Police report an officer who shot two “pitbull” – breed dogs during their attack of a man walking his own dog past 13 Titus Lane Tuesday night used a Taser and physical force to deter the attacking animals before resorting to his service pistol, killing them.

Officers responded to the initial call, for reports of a “pitbull fighting” and dogs “attacking a male and other dog” in the roadway, at 6:03 p.m.

Once at the address, an officer found a man on the ground with three dogs, two of which were actively attacking a smaller dog. The aggressive dogs, described as pit-bulls, continued their attack and the officer approached the scene with his Taser drawn, according to a Warwick Police release about the shooting.

One of the attacking dogs turned on the officer as he approached, and he used his Taser on the dog to deter it, but the dog continued its attack on the smaller dog. At that time, the second attacking dog turned on the officer, according to the report.

“Fearing for his safety and that of other people on scene, the officer discharged his service pistol two times striking the dog and ending its threat,” wrote WPD Maj. Rick Rathbun.

The officer then approached the man on the ground, but the first dog he had attempted to subdue with his Taser attacked him. The officer attempted physical force to deter the second dog, but the animal continued to attack him.

“The dog continued to lunge and tried to bite the officer who was forced to discharge his weapon two more times to stop the second dog’s threat,” Rathbun wrote.

“Based on evidence gathered and multiple witness accounts, the initial investigation has revealed that the officer’s actions were lawful and necessary to protect the lives of citizens and him from serious bodily injury. Both of the dogs, described as pit-bulls, were deceased at the scene,” Rathbun concluded in the statement.

The officer was not injured during the incident.

Warwick Police are continuing to investigate the attack and are asking anyone who witnessed the initial attack by the dogs, or the officer’s use of force, to contact the Professional Standards Division at 468- 4200.


WARWICK, R.I. — Warwick officers shot and killed two dogs after the animals jumped their fence and attacked a man and his dog walking on Titus Lane at about 6 p.m. Tuesday night.

Warwick Police report they received a call about the dogs at about 6 p.m., which had gotten loose and attacked the man and dog, injuring both. The dogs, described as a Pitbull-type breed, were shot and killed by responding officers.

The man, who had been walking his dog, was transported to Rhode Island Hospital for treatment, though details on the extent of his injuries were not immediately available. The man’s dog was transported to a local animal hospital for treatment, also for unspecified injuries.

According to a scanner report tweeted by @RIBNS, the two attacking dogs had jumped their fence.

The incident is under investigation. will update this story as more information becomes available.



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