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Warwick Man Guilty of 2012 Murder of Mary Grier, Felony Assault, Robbery

A screenshot of the RI Superior Court website.
A screenshot of the RI Superior Court website.

Warwick, RI – A Warwick man who used personal deceit and to lure three women into meeting him alone so he could rob, assault and murder them respectively has been found guilty of the July 2012 murder of Mary Grier, among other crimes.

Today a Providence County Superior Court jury found James Adams, 34, of 12 Midway Drive, Warwick, guilty of the murder as well as two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, one count of first degree robbery, and one count of possession of a firearm while having been previously convicted of a crime of violence, according to release from Attorney General Peter Kilmartin’s office. The charges are from three separate incidents involving three separate victims.

The jury returned the verdict in four hours after a nine-day trial presided over by Superior Court Justice Robert D. Krause.

In the course of the trial, the state proved  that in the early morning hours of June 24, 2012, Adams invited a woman he met at Ultra Night Club back to his house for an “after hours” party.  At his residence in Johnston, the victim quickly realized there was no party, just her and the defendant. Adams robbed the woman of $300.

After leaving the residence, the victim reported the incident to the Providence Police, who in turn reported it to the Johnston Police.

Less than a week later, on June 30, 2012, Adams arranged an encounter with an escort who placed an advertisement on He arranged for the victim to come to a garage located at 389/391 Farmington Ave., Cranston, where he lived at the time.

When the victim approached Adams outside the garage, he brandished what appeared to be a black handgun and demanded she get into the garage. She refused, turned, and attempted to get away.  Adams chased her and struck her on the back of the head with a hard object, causing the woman to fall to the ground. A nearby light came on, distracting Adams, allowing the victim to escape.

The victim sought medical attention at Landmark Medical Center in Woonsocket, but did not immediately report the incident to police.

About two weeks later, on July 15, 2012, Adams arranged to meet Mary Grier, who he found on, where she advertised as an escort. Grier’s body was found five days later inside the garage at 391 Farmington Ave. An autopsy indicated that Grier died of homicidal violence and there was a ligature around her neck.

Phone records and tower records obtained through a search warrant placed the defendant near the garage at the estimated time of death. In addition, text messages between Adams and Grier show that they planned to meet at the garage that day.

Police collected a pair men’s boxer shorts at the scene, which upon testing, had Adam’s DNA on it.

Adams was arrested in Providence on July 24, 2012. While fleeing police, he threw a backpack on the ground. Police recovered the backpack, inside of which they found a black handgun, later discovered to be an Air-Soft pistol.

After his arrest, the two other victims identified Adams through photo arrays.

“Within the span of three weeks, James Adams’ violence and rage escalated from robbery to felony assault and murder. His growing appetite for violence and easy access to victims proved to be a deadly combination,” said Kilmartin. “He used to scout victims to exact his violence and rage upon. Despite ongoing and increasing evidence that the website is being utilized by individuals for criminal purposes, including activities resulting in charges of solicitation, rape, human trafficking and even murder, the company continues to allow the activities to continue, and even flourish,” he said.

Cranston Police Detective Sergeant Mike Gates and Detective Anthony Massimino led the investigation. Assistant Attorney General John Krollman and Special Assistant Attorney General Kimberly Ahern prosecuted the case on behalf of the Office of Attorney General.

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