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Warwick Animal Control Seeks Loose Pitbull, Husky After Attack Kills Dog

[CREDIT: Sandy Martone Carroll/Facebook] A photo of Stewie, the dog killed Sunday by an attack by a loose Husky and Pitbull.
[CREDIT: Sandy Martone Carroll/Facebook] A photo of Stewie, the dog killed Sunday by an attack by a loose Husky and Pitbull.
UPDATE 3:10 p.m.: Warwick Police have reported on their Facebook page that the owner of the Pitbull and Husky brought the dogs to the Warwick Police Station this afternoon.

The Husky was assessed as non-aggressive, as it was not the dog involved in the fatal attack. The Pitbull was impounded at the Warwick Animal Shelter pending a vicious dog hearing. Since it is the dog’s first offense, it will not be euthanized, police report.

Warwick, RI — Warwick Animal Control officers are asking the public’s help tracking down a free-running Pitbull and Husky duo that attacked and killed a small dog being walked by his owner in the Meadowbrook area Sunday afternoon.

“…this duo of loose running bandits attacked another dog who was being walked by his owner in the area of Woguagonet Ave. and Willow Glen Circle (MeadowBrook area). Tragically, the attacked dog did not survive the attack,” Warwick Police wrote on their Facebook page overnight.

The two dogs, who have been seen running loose before, are described as a gray, blue-nosed Pitbull wearing a silver choke collar and a black & white Husky with no collar, Warwick Police report.

Sandy Martone Carroll commented on the Facebook post, reporting the attack happened at about 2:30 p.m. that day.

“It was awful that my sister had to watch this happen to her dog, she actually had the pit by his collar trying to get him off her dog,” Carroll wrote.

On her own page, Carroll posted an account of the attack, apparently from her sister.

Walking my dog (Stewie) on a leash, a Pit and a Husky come flying at him (no leash, no owner anywhere),” the account reads. The pitbull attack critically injured Stewie. 

“I want you to understand I’m not blaming the pit bull breed or the husky breed,” the dog’s owner states. Rather, she said she blames the people who let their dogs run free, in violation of the city’s leash law, and allowed the attack to happen.

Warwick Police have asked residents with information on the dogs to IM/chat or call and leave a message for Animal Control at 468-4378. Police urge anyone who sees the dogs running loose to call dispatch at 401-468-4200 to report it.

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