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Video: Councilors Rix, Merolla, Discuss Declining to Add $1.5 million to School Budget

WARWICK, RI — The Warwick School Department said they face $1.3 million in cuts to the school budget if the City Council failed to approve $1.5 million more than agreed in June, but a few councilors said they don’t believe them.
The point proved moot, however, after Councilman Richard Corley pointed out that appropriating the extra money would violate the city’s charter, an illegal move. The City Council must follow the Mayor’s recommendation, councilman Corley said. Councilman Jeremy Rix agreed, and City Council counsel John Harrington agreed.
Warwick Post asked Rix and Merolla to talk about their position on the issue at the end of Wednesday’s meeting. Here are their comments.
Rob Borkowski
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