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U.S. Attorney: Seven Indicted in $1 Million Fake Check Scheme

The US District Courthouse in Providence, RI.

PROVIDENCE — AU.S. District Court indictment charges seven Providence residents in a “card cracking”fake check scheme that defrauded Rhode Island banks of about $1 million over

the last six years.

A“card cracking” scheme involves a group creatingcounterfeit checks and recruiting bank account holders who allow deposits ofthe bogus checks and the use of their ATM cards to withdraw funds before thebank learns they’re counterfeit.

Theindictment charges Stefan C. Gaye aka “Swizzy,” 27, Edmilson A. Rodrigues aka“2Fly,” 20, Nestor Concepcion aka “Nestor J,”23, Luis Rodriguez aka “CloutLord,” 19, Terrell Witherspoon, 23, and Leslie Susana, 20, all of Providence,with conspiracy to commit bank fraud and bank fraud. Shaun Dennis, 25, ofProvidence, is charged with conspiracy to commit bank fraud.

The return of the indictment,unsealed Friday, was announced by United States Attorney Aaron L. Weisman,Providence Police Chief Colonel Hugh T. Clements, Jr., Special Agent in Charge

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of the U.S. Secret Service Stephen Marks, Inspector in Charge of the U.S.Postal Inspection Service Joseph W. Cronin, Special Agent in Charge of the FBIBoston Division Joseph R. Bonavolonta.

The Rhode Island Departmentof the Attorney General, Rhode Island State Police, and the Warwick and NorthProvidence Police Departmentsassisted in the investigation of theconspiracy.

Accordingto the indictment and information presented to the Court, members of the conspiracysolicited individuals with access to legitimate business and public agencychecks to photograph the checks and send them to a counterfeiter. Theinformation was used to create counterfeit checks. Members of the conspiracy then allegely solicitedothers via social media, often times college students, to allow the boguschecks be deposited into their bank accounts. Using ATM cards belonging to theaccount holders, either members of the conspiracy or, at times the actualaccount holders, under the supervision of members of the conspiracy, would

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attempt to withdraw cash from the accounts prior to the bank determining thatthe deposited checks were counterfeit.