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State Police, RI Emergency Telephone to Launch Text 911

Rhode Island State Police Public Safety Complex, Scituate RI.

WARWICK, RI — The RI State Police and Rhode Island E-911 Uniform Emergency Telephone System will launch Text-to-911 enabling people to send a text message to the state’s E-911 communications center if they’re unable to dial 911 by phone.

The development was announced this week by Lt. Col. Kevin M. Barry, Acting Superintendent of the Rhode Island State Policeand Gregory M. Scungio, Acting Director of the Rhode Island E-911 Uniform Emergency Telephone System.

“Text-to-911 is an important and potentially life-saving service, especially for anyone in a situation where they cannot talk safely on the phone or cannot physically call 911 for help,” Lt. Colonel Barry said. “It also will serve as a valuable tool for the deaf and hard of hearing, since it provides an easier, more convenient way to report an emergency situation.”

Calling 911 is still the preferred method of contact, because it’s faster and more efficient than sending a text. There also are limitations and restrictions when it comes to texting, especially when it comes to locating the person sending the text.

That is why it is important to remember:Call 911 if you can – text if you can’t.

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