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Social Media Tips & Tricks: Responding to Negative Reviews

Are you getting the most out of your social media presence? Warwick Post is here to help. CREDIT: albany,edu
Are you getting the most out of your social media presence? Warwick Post is here to help. CREDIT: albany,edu

Warwick, RI — No matter what you do for business, there’s simply no way to satisfy every customer.

Compounding the situation these days is the fact that every disgruntled shopper can take to social media to post bad reviews — so what is a business owner to do?

In a recent post on, Social Success Marketing owner Ruby Rusine offers a list of eight tips for responding to negative reviews.

First, writes Rusine, is to make a point of visiting your business social media accounts frequently — delayed replies often hurt the company even more than the issue raised by a customer.

Also, if you haven’t created a Facebook page for your company, Rusine recommends that you check to see that someone else hasn’t, either. In many cases, customers or visitors create a Facebook page for a business, then fill it with negative comments.

Rusine also suggests responding quickly to online comments, since 52 percent of customers expect a social media response within one day, according to a survey she quotes.

And while you may be tempted to remove a negative review, Rusine says don’t — instead, respond with a quick resolution, go the extra mile and try to call the customer if possible, and write a follow-up blog post about how you responded to the customer and improved your service as a result.

Finally, Rusine writes, “Don’t let the negative customer review ruin your day and discourage you.”

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