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Social Media Tips & Tricks: Business vs. Personal

Are you getting the most out of your social media presence? Warwick Post is here to help. CREDIT: albany,edu
Are you getting the most out of your social media presence? Warwick Post is here to help. CREDIT:

When you’re the one running the business — and doing the work to promote it — using social media can be a great way to reach your audience and connect with potential customers.

And with the rise of social media tools and the intimacy they promise [ironically, in an open online forum], there’s a widespread belief that sharing one’s personality could create more of a connection with consumers and lead to more sales.

The reasoning here is that, since there are so many businesses and people using social media, the best way to get attention is to be more genuine or to create some kind of online “personality” with quirky quotes or other off-beat content.

That’s no longer the case, says Kimberly Brind, a social strategist at Oracle, who recently warned of what she terms accidental social narcissism, describing it as “cross[ing] the line between sharing genuine opinion and overly promotional messages.”

Brind advises social media managers to be very selective about what they post online — not every coffee stop merits a Tweet — and to maintain a consistent “voice” online with both business and personal updates.

“Rather than channeling ‘two voices’ for business and personal, try to maintain a consistent and friendly tone in social channels — this helps you appear genuine,” Brind writes.

Above all, Brind advises a balance between straight-up business promotions and personal notes, where the business owner or manager is providing a glimpse of the personality behind the storefront while still making clear that their goal is supporting their business.

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