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NK Man Charged with Kent Hospital Staff Assault

[CREDIT: CNE] Kent Hospital has earned the Baby-Friendly designation for their infant care coaching from Baby-Friendly USA.

[CREDIT: CNE] Kent Hospital has earned the Baby-Friendly designation for their infant care coaching from Baby-Friendly USA.
[CREDIT: CNE] Kent Hospital. On Jan. 25, a North Kingstown man was charged with a Kent Hospital staff assault.
WARWICK, RI — A North Kingstown man faces assault and disorderly conduct charges after a fight with security during a Kent Hospital staff assault Jan. 24 at 9 p.m.

Philip Dwayne Isaacs, 47, of 26 Fischer Drive, North Kingstown, faces charges of assault of healthcare providers, two counts of simple assault/battery, and disorderly conduct after a rescue truck brought him to Kent Hospital for detox treatment, according to the report of Officer Robert Lewis.

Lewis was called to the hospital for the assault early that morning, and spoke with the charge nurse, the reporting party, who said he had been sent by rescue for detox by RICC police at about 7 p.m. that night. As staff tried to treat Isaacs, he became confrontational, disrupting their attempts to care for him, prompting the staff to call Kent Hospital Security. As they struggled to restrain Isaacs, he bit a security guard, struck a security officer and spit blood into the face of a nurse, according to the charge nurse, Lewis reported.

The first security officer told Lewis that as they attempted to restrain Isaacs, he attempted to hold the man’s head. As he did this, Isaacs bit his finger, he said. Another security officer then struck Isaacs in the face, drawing blood, and Isaacs spit blood in the man’s face.

The second security officer said Isaacs had struck him in the right side of his face as they restrained him and also spit blood in his face.

The nurse told Lewis he had responded to a call for help restraining a patient, and while he was helping the patient spit blood in his face.

A third security officer said Isaacs had not been listening to the nurses, and would not stay on the stretcher. She said Isaacs threatened her, telling her he would find where she lived, what car she drives, rob her house, then sell her things to buy drugs.

At 3:36 a.m., Lewis and another officer arrived to take custody of Isaacs, who they transported to Warwick Police Headquarters, 99 Veterans Memorial Drive, without incident.

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