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MA Woman Charged with DUI After Making Acura Fly

The Warwick Police Department is located at 99 Veterans Memorial Drive.

WPD cruiserWarwick, RI – Bruce Stravato of Cranston was driving from the Dunkin Donuts lot at 27 Jefferson Blvd. Jan. 9 at 8:40 p.m. when he saw a black car miss the on-ramp for Rte. 95 North, drive over the curb, strike a traffic signal pole, go airborne about 50 ft., then land against the berm on the side of the highway.

Warwick Police Officers Christopher Lo and Robert Hart responded to the scene, speaking with Stravato before talking to the driver of the black 2006 Acura, identifying her as Jennifer Griffith, 30, of 27 Plains Field Drive, South Dartmouth, MA, according to police reports.

When Lo asked Griffith what had happened,  she replied that her life was ruined, according to the officer’s report. Lo reported smelling a strong odor of alcohol coming from Griffith’s breath.

When Lo asked what had happened a second time, Griffith repeated that her life was ruined and pointed at the car.

The car, according to Hart’s report, had damage to the driver’s side front bumper, fender, quarter panel and front door. The driver’s side wheel had been torn off the Acura.

Griffith reported no injuries from the crash.

Lo attempted to perform a series of field sobriety tests on Griffith, for which she was uncooperative, according to the officer’s report.

She refused to follow instructions to follow Lo’s finger with her eyes for the vision test, ultimately refusing to take it. She also failed to follow instructions for the Walk and Turn test, eventually refusing that test as well.

Then, when Lo asked her to take the One Leg Stand test, Griffith replied, “I’m not taking any more of your f***ing tests,” according to the officer’s report.

Lo arrested Griffith on suspicion of DUI, and transported her to Warwick Police Headquarters at 99 Veterans Memorial Parkway, where she also refused to submit to a chemical tests, telling Lo to “f*** off,” when he asked her to sign that she had refused.

Griffith was given a summons to traffic court for leaving the scene of the roadway, cited for leaving the lane of travel and for refusing to submit to a chemical test. She was also charged with DUI, blood alcohol unknown.

She was arraigned Jan. 22 and scheduled for a Feb. 11 pre-trial conference on the charges in Third District Court.

Rob Borkowski
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