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‘Joaquin’ This Way: Heavy Rain Definite Regardless of Storm Track

Flooding closed both lanes of Airport Road from Hoxie Four Corners to the airfield Wednesday morning.
Flooding closed both lanes of Airport Road from Hoxie Four Corners to the airfield Wednesday morning.

Warwick, RI – Rhode Island’s in for some more serious rain in the next few days, even if Hurricane Joaqin skirts a direct path to the Ocean State.

The current projected track of Hurricane Joaquin.
The current projected track of Hurricane Joaquin.

During an initial storm front Wednesday, right lanes were closed in both directions on Airport Road between Hoxie Four Corners and the airfield due to flooding, but Warwick Police reported there were no lingering issues from the heavy rains by morning’s end.

Current projections from the National Weather Service predict Rhode Island will experience heavy rains and strong winds associated with Hurricane Joaquin on Friday, according to the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency.

But rain is also expected Thursday to begin after 2 p.m. Thursday, with winds at 13 to 17 mph. Friday will bring more rain, about 1-2 inches, and wind at 16 to 20 mph.

The track of Joaquin, recently upgraded to a Category 3 hurricane, is widespread and still uncertain, will determine where the heaviest rainfall and winds will occur. However,  officials expect heavy rainfall in Southern New England Saturday into Sunday from the storm regardless of the storm’s track.

“Now is the time to double check your disaster-supply kit and gather any additional items that you may need,” said RIEMA Director Peter Gaynor.

“We also encourage individuals, families, and businesses to take a look around their property and check for dangling or damaged tree limbs and safely remove them in order to avoid debris that could potentially damage your home or property,” Gaynor said.

RIEMA provided a list of hurricane preparedness tips for residents to mind as they plan ahead for the next several days of severe weather:

• Gather a disaster-supply kit that includes water, food, flashlight, extra batteries, NOAA Weather Radio, first aid kit, and any necessary medicines and prescriptions.

• Develop a family communications plan in case you are separated during an emergency. • Make sure all family members have an emergency contact list.

• Know your local emergency evacuation routes by visiting the RIEMA website at

• Take down any outdoor decorations and bring in lawn furniture. • Properly secure or bring in your boat.

• Clear leaves, sticks, and other debris from nearby storm drains in order to avoid clogging that could lead to street flooding.

• Visit to Register with CodeRed and receive free emergency notifications from local and state officials. RIEMA will provide additional updates on Tropical Storm Joaquin, as well as rainfall potential over the next several days via Twitter, Facebook, and the RIEMA website.

For additional preparedness information, visit RIEMA’s website.

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