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Is $2-a-Gallon Gas in Warwick’s Future? It’s Probably Sooner Than You Think

The price of gas keeps falling — when will Warwick see $2-a-gallon prices?
The price of gas keeps falling — when will Warwick see $2-a-gallon prices?

Warwick, RI — Since at least New Year’s Day, the major topic in consumer news has been the falling price of gas — and Warwick appears to be on the cusp of falling below $2 per gallon, according to the website.

As of 8 p.m. on Jan. 14, several local stations — including the Sunoco at 1710 West Shore Road, One Energy at 1836 Warwick Ave., and Hess at 2400 West Shore Road — had posted prices online of $2.05 or below for 87-octane gasoline.

Statewide, the average for a gallon of regular unleaded stood at $2.26 on Wednesday, as reported by AAA Southern New England.

That’s down 13 cents from a week ago, nearly 50 cents from a month ago, and more than $1.25 per gallon from the same date in 2014, the agency noted — but Rhode Island’s average price is a full quarter per gallon higher than the national average of $2.01.

What’s the best price for gas near you? Let our readers know in the comments section below.

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