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Get Out to See This Warwick Christmas Display Before It’s Over

Warwick, RI — With the threat of wet weather in the forecast for Christmas Eve and the next few days, Frank Picozzi of Gristmill Road has announced on Facebook that Tuesday night may be the last for this year’s iteration of his annual light display.

“I’m going to try my darndest to have them on” again before New Year’s Eve, Picozzi wrote in an email message to the Post. “If it’s not raining too bad, they’ll be on.”

If you haven’t made it to the Picozzi house — just off Archdale Drive off West Shore Road — it’s definitely worth the time.

This year, Frank has set up his front yard with cascades of colorful lights [including a few that look like animated characters], a revolving medley of Christmas tunes, and a transmitter that allows drivers to listen to the music over FM radio.

On Sunday night Dec. 20, a group of about a dozen people gathered directly across the street from the Picozzi display as the snow began to fall — and Santa Claus made his rounds — lending an even more festive air to the proceedings.

With the narrow street, parking was a bit of a challenge, but old St. Nick made sure to keep everyone moving.

Part of the display is also a donation box, where contributions are collected for the Make-A-Wish Foundation through Dec. 31.

Picozzi has also been making regular announcements on the collection effort, including a confirmation that Dec. 20 represented the highest-ever one-night total in the seven years that he’s been running the display.

And showing that he’s up-to-date technologically, Picozzi has also posted videos of his displays going back to 2010 on the Picozzi Family Christmas website and YouTube — so if you don’t have a chance to get out to see the display, at least you can watch it in the comfort of home.

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