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Council Update: An Historic Vote for High Schools Bond

Warwick City Hall. This week’s Council Update celebrates what Council President Steve McAllister called a historic vote to advance a $350M plan for two new high schools.

Editor’s note: The Council Update is a twice-monthly update on Council meetings and developments from Warwick City Council President Steve McAllister. The column is written after each council meeting, twice a month. This review of Warwick City Council events has been lightly edited to update time references, for grammar, and to include referential links for further reading.  

WARWICK, RI — Last night was a historic night for the City of Warwick. After over 5 hours of discussion from council members and the public, the city council voted 8-1 to borrow up to $350 million to build two brand new high schools.

Warwick City Councilman Steve McAllister

As you are aware, in November 2022, the residents voted to borrow up to $350 million to replace both Toll Gate and Pilgrim high schools.  The City Council had an independent study done to review the school department’s plan and it confirmed the two schools can be built for $350 million [using value engineering to match the design to the budget].

Last night, the council voted to release the bonds and borrow the money to build these schools.

I am proud to be a part of a community where the residents have voted to make a major investment in our children’s education and futures. It was their vote and their decision we honored. These two new schools will become major assets and cornerstones of our community.  Generations of students will learn from some of the best teachers in the state in these new buildings over the next 50 years.

Warwick will grow and be a stronger City because of this investment.  These schools will attract new families to Warwick.  New businesses will look to invest in Warwick, because Warwick is investing in their future workforce.

The future leaders of our city, state, and country will be educated in these new schools. The residents of Warwick should be proud that we live in a community where we not only look after one another, but we are also looking after and investing in future generations.

Upcoming events and meetings:

The next council meeting is Oct. 2.

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Steve McAllister
Author: Steve McAllister

Stephen McAllister, representing Ward 7 since 2017, was named Warwick City Council President in 2021.

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