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Council Mulls One Warwick Labor Health Insurance Provider


[CREDIT: Rob Borklowski] The Warwick City Council will consider appointments and no parking signs starting at 7 p.m. on Sept. 20, 2021.
WARWICK, RI — The Warwick City Council meets tonight at 7 p.m. starting with an executive session to talk lawsuits, most against Tax Assessor Neal Dupuis, traffic studies and to discuss assigning one  Warwick labor health insurance provider for city labor.

First up, the Council will hold an executive session to discuss legislation, four lawsuits against Tax Assessor Neal Dupuis, and another against the City of Warwick itself:

Eugenia Illiano, Trustee vs. Neal Dupuis KC2020-594 & KC 2021-273
Richard A Furia and Dale H. Shea, Trustees vs. Neal Dupuis KC2020-135 & KC2020-730
Richard Realty Inc. vs. Neal Dupuis KC2020-612
Michael & Betsy Slavit vs. City of Warwick KC2020-567
Target Corporation vs. Neal Dupuis KC2020-546 & KC2021-218

Once back in public session, the Council will discuss asking for state traffic studies on the intersections of Main Avenue and Greenwich Avenue and Main Avenue and Post Road for possible regulatory and safety measures, and also the intersections of East Avenue and River Street as well as East Avenue and Bald Hill Road.

An update to Council rules is also on the agenda, as is a resolution that would assign one health insurance provider for all city labor contracts.

The update to Council rules would set an internal council deadline to get items into the Clerk, attempt to save some money by cutting down on printed documents for council members only, and clean up the agenda so only items that have drafted legislation are placed on the agenda, according to Council President Steve McAllister.

The full agenda and copies of the drafted resolutions are attached at the following links:

10-04-2021 Regular Business Meeting Amended Agenda

PCR-127-21 Bids 10-4-2021

PCR-116-21 Res. Re. RIDOT Main Avenue

PCR-115-21 Res. Re. RIDOT East Avenue

PCR-92-21 Res. Re. Council Rules

PCR-128-21 Abatements 10-4-2021

PCO-15-19 (SUB A)Health Insurance for City Employees

PCR-91-21 Res. to GA re. Firearm Sales

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