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Council Nov. 18: School Bonds, Carpionato Zoning, Heavy Trash

Warwick City Hall
Warwick City Hall
Warwick City Hall.

WARWICK, RI — The Warwick City Council’s Nov. 18 meeting at City Hall, 3275 Post Road, 7 p.m. will feature updates on pending and active school building bonds, second passage on the Carpionato Group’s West Shore Road development, and new heavy trash regulations.

The meeting begins with a presentation from the Warwick School Department on how the last bond release has been used during the past year, the next phase of the current bond, request bond funds for the 2020-21 projects; and propose a new bond to be put on the ballot to continue the repair and upgrades to the elementary and secondary schools.

The Council will also consider second passage on a zoning change at 2574 West Shore Road granting a new Dave’s Marketplace store access to Spring Grove Avenue if the RIDOT doesn’t approve a new traffic light at the entrance to the plaza. The Council granted first passage, over the protests of abutting residents on Spring Grove Avenue, on Oct. 21.

A new resolution under consideration for first passage Monday adds regulations to City bylaws Chapter 22 on heavy trash collection:

  • The following limitations and regulations shall apply to special heavy trash collections  all residential dwellings in the city, except those dwellings that are owner-occupied single-family homes, for which no limitations on heavy trash pickups are imposed:  (i) heavy trash collections are limited to two (2) within any twelve (12) month period per address location, with the start of said twelve (12) month period commencing on the date of the first heavy trash collection;
  •  (ii) the material that may be picked up is limited in size to that which fits in a one-ton lift gate truck (approximately 240 cubic feet).

Copies of the documents for the meeting, along with a full agenda, are embedded below:

11-18-2019 – Regular Public Hearing Agenda

Bid Package 11-18-19

PCO-13-19 No Parking Chapmans Avenue

PCO-16 -19 Carpionato Zoning

PCO-18-15 Heavy Trash pickups

PCR-94-17 Bid 2017-147 State of RI Telecommunication Services-Installation Parts

PCR-148-17 Bid 2018-143 Installation of Sprinklers @ Cooper Bldg

PCR-151-19 2020-123 Electrical Maintenance Repairs

PCR-165-19 170 Scott Air-Pak X3 Pro Self Contained Breathing Apparatus Related Equipment

PCR-166-19 2020-171 Testing Repair of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

PCR-175-19 Bids 11-18-19



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