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Circulator Work Re-Directing Apponaug River; Roundabouts Previewed

Warwick, RI – While you watch and travel through the $29.9 million Apponaug Circulator Project, currently focused on utilities, sidewalk install, and the creation of a new river channel for the Apponaug River, you may wonder what the finished roundabouts through the village will be like.

The RI Department of Transpotation has posted a number of animated videos showing what’s planned for each intersection. Officials, citing traffic studies, told Warwick Post in February that roundabouts will make Apponaug Village’s intersections safer and more efficient.

The Discovery Channel’s MythBusters did their own comparison of regular intersections and roundabouts, which supports the efficiency part of the claim. The show’s inquiring investigators pitted a four-way stop intersection (stop signs, no lights) against a roundabout, finding the latter was a much more efficient means of handling traffic through busy intersections.

But local drivers might also be wondering how the they’ll handle actually driving through the new intersections once they’re done. Not to worry: The state of Michigan has put together an instructional video to show drivers how to navigate roundabouts:



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