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Chamber Sends Email Fraud Alert to Members

The Rhode Island Division of Taxation posted a screenshot of this email in warning people that it is a fraud. CREDIT: RI Division of Taxation
A screenshot of the fraud email. CREDIT: RI Division of Taxation

The Central Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce is alerting members to watch out for a fraudulent email claiming to be from the Rhode Island Division of Taxation and seeking to collect corporate tax revenues.

In an email sent on May 7, Chamber President Lauren Slocum said the local organization received a notice from Rhode Island Hospitality about the fraud scheme, which involves a poorly-spelled notice telling the recipient, “You has [sic] the penalties for corporate tax,” with instructions to “check out” an attached document and signed “Head of Rhode Island Department of Revenue.”

State Tax Administrator David Sullivan said in a statement that the department sends its billing notices through the U.S. Mail, and not by electronic means.

“The best way to deal with such emails is to delete them as quickly as possible,” explained Sullivan, who also noted that emails like this typically have computer viruses or other malicious code attached.

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