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CCRI Knight Campus Launches Online ‘CCRI Radio’

[CREDIT: CCRI] CCRI's new student radio program recently launched.
[CREDIT: CCRI] CCRI’s new student radio program recently launched.
WARWICK — CCRI’s Knight Campus has launched its first-ever online radio station featuring exclusive content from students.

The topics will range from top-10 music countdown lists to campus sports play-by-play and even health tips from CCRI nurses, but the ultimate goal is to foster an environment where students can get the on-air experience they need to compete in the field, according to a release on the school’s website.

“We’d like this to be the go-to place in Rhode Island. You want to get trained in media? Come here. We really believe experimental training is how you give students an edge,”  said Associate Professor of Communications Sandra Sneesby.

Sneesby secured licensing for musical content and purchased the necessary equipment while drumming up student interest on campus to fill important time slots. Student Life funds the station, and Sneesby and other faculty members will manage the necessities while the students run the day-to-day activities.

“It’s cool to be a part of the founding group,” said CCRI student and radio host David Stachurski of Warwick.

“I listen to music 24/7 and used to play a little bit in high school. I went to [the University of Rhode Island] before I came here and was interested in radio there, but this has been a better fit for me.”

While Stachurski doesn’t plan to pursue a career in radio, instead focusing more on filming and editing, he wouldn’t rule anything out down the road.

“I hate the idea of being boxed in on what you have to do for the rest of your life,” he said. “If I was an editor for a few years and then had an opportunity to work in radio based on my experience here, I’d like that option.”

The station can be streamed via computer or phone direct from the station’s website or by downloading an app.

For more information, including a visit to the new station by radio personality Dan Yorke, check CCRI’s website.

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