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Catch the Easter Bunny ‘On the Hop’ at Warwick Mall Through April 19

The Easter Bunny is at Warwick Mall this week. Photo: Joe Hutnak

It’s not quite the tradition of getting pictures taken with Santa Claus, but if you’re looking for a nice way to mark the spring season this year, Warwick Mall is hosting the Easter Bunny through April 19.

Melino Photo of Cranston is providing the portrait service, as it did for Santa’s visit last December. The Easter Bunny is set up right in the middle of the Mall, outside Jordan’s Furniture under the big clock.

Here’s a run-down of the prices and packages being offered for photos with the Easter Bunny at Warwick Mall:

Prices start at $14.02 for:

  • two 3-by-5s;
  • one 3-by-5 and two wallets;
  • four wallets; or
  • one 5-by-7.

The price is $21.96 for:

  • one 8-by-10;
  • two 5-by-7s;
  • four 3-by-5s; or
  • eight wallets.

For $23.36, Melino offers:

  • one 5-by-7 and four wallets;
  • one 5-by-7 and two 3-by-5s; or
  • two 3-by-5s and four wallets.

Other packages include:

  • one 5-by-7, one 3-by-5, and two wallets for $25.23;
  • “Bunny Special,” one 8-by-10, one 5-by-7, and four wallets for $36.45;
  • “Family Special,” two 5-by-7s, two 3-by-5s, two wallets, and two keychains with photos for $42.05;
  • “Keychain Special,” one 3-by-5 and two keychains with photos, $49.63.
  • Egg Snowglobe to hold three photos [sold separately], $13.99

Melino is also offering a photo file on a USB drive for $18.70 when purchased with another package, or $37.38 without, which includes reprint rights.

Hours are 10 a.m through 8:30 p.m. through Saturday.

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