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Burger King Apponaug Closes Its Doors

[CREDIT: Beth Hurd] The Apponaug Burger King closed Jan. 2 after 35 years of business.
[CREDIT: Beth Hurd] The Apponaug Burger King closed Jan. 2 after 35 years of business.
BurgerKingApponaug2WARWICK, RI — The Burger King in Apponaug at 70 Centerville Road closed its doors last week after 35 years of business and months after the three-year Apponaug Circulator Project re-routed direct traffic one street over instead of directly past the fast food establishment.

“This restaurant has closed. Thank you for 35 years of patronage. Please visit us at 1010 Bald Hill Road or at 1748 Post Road. Sorry for any inconvenience,” a sign posted on the closed restaurant read.

A large “For Lease” sign was also posted to the front of the building.

Prior to the start of the Apponaug Circulator Project in 2014, traffic headed through Apponaug from Toll Gate Road and Centerville Road traveled directly past the Apponaug Burger King location. Following the  completion of the project, cars are still able to access the road in front of the restaurant, but traveling through Apponaug no longer requires motorists to drive through that area.

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