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Assault By Car: Providence Man Charged

[CREDIT: Rob Borkowski] The WPD has ID'd the drivers in Monday's Airport Road Motorcycle crash, and disclosed more details of the investigation.
The Warwick Police Department is located at 99 Veterans Memorial Drive.
The Warwick Police Department is located at 99 Veterans Memorial Drive. An assault by car landed one driver with felony charges and a July 17 court date.

WARWICK, RI — A Providence man faces felony assault and obstruction charges after after an assault by car with his 2010 Camry at and grazed a man on Warwick Avenue near Edison Street March 26 at 9:29 p.m.

Officers Nicholas DeLuca, Conor Bemis and David Gaulin were called to 535 Oakland Beach Ave. for what was originally reported as a car crash. On the way, they received an update from dispatch that the victim reporting the incident had been struck by a man in a gray 2010 Camry. The reporting group said they knew the driver and would wait for the officers at a nearby Walgreens to tell them the story.

Just prior to the call, the officers had been pursuing two cars racing down Oakland Beach Avenue so fast the officers broke off the chase before pulling the cars over. When they spoke with the group, the two people told the officers they had been in one of the two cars, theirs pursuing the assailants’ 2022 Honda Accord.

The victim told the officers they had clearly witnessed the car, driven by Denilson Giron Perez, 18, 135 Cleveland St., Providence as it drove north on Oakland Beach Avenue, straight at him as he got into his car. The victim told the officers he pressed himself against his car to avoid being hit, but the Accord still struck his arm as it passed. The man estimated the pain from the injury at six out of 10, but did not accept medical attention, according to the report.

The victims said they believed Giron Perez was attempting to injure with his car, as he had been in fights with him before because the injured man was dating Giron Perez’s ex-girlfriend. They said after Giron Perez drove away they chased after him, which was when the officers saw them earlier that evening.

As DeLuca ws speaking with the victims, he received word that Officer Timothy Lipka had spotted and stopped the Accord on Rte. 95 North. Driving the car was Giron Perez, and his passenger was Anthony Rojas, 18, of 65 Stansbury St., Providence, RI.

The two had apparently switched seats before Lipka could talk with them, but Rojas excitedly exclaimed he hadn’t been the one driving. For the attempted subterfuge, Rojas and Giron Perez were charged with obstruction of an officer in his duty. Giron Perez was also charged with felony assault, and cited for driving with an expired license.

The pair were transported to Warwick Police Headquarters, 99 Veterans Memorial Drive, where they were processed and issued court summons.

Giron Perez was released on $5,000 surety bail  with a hearing on the charges in Third District Court July 17.

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