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WPD: UPS Louis Vuitton Thief Stole Packages Worth Thousands

Warwick Police Headquarters at 99 Veterans Memorial Drive.
Warwick Police Headquarters at 99 Veterans Memorial Drive.
Warwick Police Headquarters at 99 Veterans Memorial Drive. On March 20, officers arrested a UPS Louis Vuitton thief who stole thousands of dollars of deliveries meant for Louis Vuitton customers.

WARWICK, RI — Warwick Police arrested a UPS Louis Vuitton Thief at the company’s 150 Plan Way warehouse March 20 for stealing Louis Vuitton packages worth thousands of dollars while working at the site.

Officers were waiting in a nearby room while Jaamal Dublin, 40, of 285 Willard Ave., Providence, RI, his manager and union rep. discussed their video evidence showing him removing packages containing Louis Vuitton merchandise. Customers had been complaining about not receiving their packages since February, according to officer Normand Guilbert’s report. The complaints prompted a review of video surveillance of the shipping line at the warehouse, which uncovered suspicious actions made by Dublin.

On several occasions, footage of the line showed Dublin moving the packages in question off the line and into trucks that were not scheduled to move those packages, then moving the packages back onto the line for processing.

On March 20, UPS security staff placed a tracker into a Luis Vuitton package, then watched security footage in real time to see if Dublin would take the merchandise. Dublin again moved the package to an unscheduled truck, then returning the package to the shipping belt for processing and placement on its scheduled truck, Guilbert reported.

Security staff alerted Warwick Police, asking them to wait while they questioned Dublin with his manager and union representative present. The group were only in the room for a minute before officers hear a commotion and entered the hallway to find Dublin attempting to leave the building, stating he would, ‘f**ing stab someone,” according to Guilbert’s report.

Guilbert and Officer Michael Rocchio detained Dublin and placed him in handcuffs, patting him down to check for weapons, finding none. They did find a Louis Vuitton mini hand bag tucked into the man’s waistband, according to Guilbert’s report.

When asked if he wanted to return to the meeting to discuss other possibly involved in the thefts, Dublin told officers, “Na, they already got me for this bag, just bring me to the car,” according to the report. The officers brought him to their cruiser and searched him a second time, finding a brown Louis Vuitton card holder wallet and a large stack of 100 dollar bills.

Dublin asked about his car and Guilbert used his keys to find the black 2021 GMC truck, in which a Louis Vuitton backpack was resting in plain view on the passenger’s seat. The manager said the backpack could belong to the list of missing items from the warehouse, and said he would check records for that item.

Dublin did not consent to a search of the truck , and it was towed to Warwick Police Headquarters, 99 Veterans Memorial Drive, to wait on a search warrant.

The Louis Vuitton mini bag on Dublin’s person was listed for $2,570, according to the report. The cash he had on him at the time of arrest was counted at $5,997. It was also determined that Dublin had stolen the following items:

  • LV Isola Flat Mule Sandals – $780
  • LV loafers – $1,070
  • LV Odeon PM handbag – $2,100
  • LV High Rise handbag – $1,850

Guilbert charged Dublin with one count each of embezzlement greater than $100, and disorderly conduct. He was also issued a no trespass order for the warehouse.


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