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Woman arrested for assault of boyfriend’s mother

The Warwick Police Department is located at 99 Veterans Memorial Drive.
The Warwick Police Department is located at 99 Veterans Memorial Drive.
The Warwick Police Department is located at 99 Veterans Memorial Drive.

WARWICK, RI — Officer Matthew Caradimos was called to the Sparrows Point apartment complex on Hardig Road Oct. 3 at 5:06 for a report of a fight in progress, arresting a 20-year-old woman for assaulting a 40-year-old woman.

Caradimos stopped to talk with the reporting caller, who told him that his friend’s mother and Jasamine were fighting on the second floor, according to the officer’s report. Caradimos took the elevator to the second floor, where he found the victim, a 40-year-old woman, walking down the hall, distraught and crying, with marks and abrasions on her face and neck.

Caradimos reported the woman appeared to be having a panic attack and was barely able to speak. She told the officer, “She jumped on me, and attacked me,” indicating Jasamine Perkins, 20, of Apt. 207 at the address, according to the report.

The victim, a Chepatchet resident, said she had just brought her son (who is not her biological child) from the hospital, and had been giving Jasamine instructions on how to take care of him following his treatment at the hospital, when the younger woman swung at her, hitting her in the face. A fight ensued through the apartment as Jasamine continued to attack her and her son attempted to restrain her.

Her son had left the apartment before Caradimos arrived, and the officer asked the reporting caller to contact him and ask him to return so they could talk.

Caradimos called a Warwick Rescue truck to tend to the older woman’s injuries, and she was transported to Kent Hospital for treatment.

Jasamine told Caradimos when her boyfriend returned from the hospital with his mother, the woman continued talking to her after she told her to go away, and that the older woman had struck her first, starting the fight, according to the report. Caradimos reported he could see no marks on Jasamine where she might have been struck.

When the son returned, he would not say who had begun the fight, but said he had tried to keep Jasamine from striking the older woman, who was like a mother to him, according to the report.

Caradimos arrested Jasamine, and transported her to Warwick Police Headquarters, where she was charged with assault, and issued a summons to answer the charge on Oct. 25 in Third District Court.

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