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Warwick’s Most Wanted: Police Seek Leads in Two Shoplifting Cases

[Warwick Police Department Facebook page]
Warwick Police are seeking information on this woman, suspected of stealing $1,500 in merchandise from the JC Penney store at Warwick Mall.
WARWICK, RI — Warwick Police recently published two Facebook posts seeking information on separate shoplifting incidents.

On Aug. 14, under the title “Just Did It,” the department posted photos of a woman taken from surveillance video at the JC Penney store at Warwick Mall, reporting that she is suspected of stealing $1,600 in Nike brand merchandise on Aug. 5.

(The title of the post is a parody of Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign slogan, a sign for which is also shown in the surveillance photo.)

Police describe the woman as being 30 between and 40 years old with blonde/brown hair and a large right forearm tattoo. If arrested, she could face felony shoplifting charges due to the value of the merchandise.

Anyone with information or a possible identity of the JC Penney suspect is asked to contact Det. Adam Arico at [email protected] or (401) 468-4267.

Three-person group sought in CVS theft

Local police are also seeking information on three people who are suspected of stealing nearly $1,900 in merchandise from the CVS Pharmacy on Warwick Avenue on Aug. 10 at about 2:45 a.m.

[Warwick Police Department Facebook page]
Surveillance photos show three people suspected of stealing nearly $1,900 in merchandise from a local CVS on Aug. 10.
According to the Facebook post published on Aug. 16, video surveillance records one of the two women as she “distracts the supervisor at the coupon center” while the other woman and a man “walk the beauty aisles and fill their bags with a variety of items,” including razors, deodorant, and soap.

Video surveillance then shows the trio walking out of the store with bags full of products.

The post also notes sarcastically that the three are “very recycle conscience” because they brought their own shopping bags.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Det. John Zaborski at [email protected] or (401) 468-4248.

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