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Warwick Neck Water Restored, West Shore Road Repaired

The Warwick Water Division is located at 944 Sandy Lane.

WARWICK, RI — The Warwick Water Division has restored water service to Warwick Neck after rotted bolts caused a shutdown of the water main at Tidewater Drive and West Shore Road Monday at 8:30 p.m.

A 140-ft section of West Shore Road torn up to make the repair was repaved by Cardi Corporation of Warwick at 2 p.m. this afternoon, said Terry DiPetrillo, Water Division supervisor. The firm began repairing the road at about 4 a.m. this morning, he said.

DiPetrillo said they received word that water was leaking from the line at about 8:30 p.m. Warwick Police report they responded to the scene at 9 p.m. that night to close off West Shore Road so repairs could begin.

DiPetrillo said the water main in that area is actually in good shape. But about 20 years ago, the water main was cut to install sewers and when the sewers were finished, the water main was repaired using a stainless steel clamp to restore the main to service. Unfortunately, DiPetrillo said, the bolts used to fasten that clamp were not stainless steel.

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“Now we use stainless steel bolts,” DiPetrillo said, noting that idea 20 years ago could have saved them some trouble.

The work to repair the clamp with the new bolts was finished at about 6 a.m. Tuesday, DiPetrillo said. After that, they had to repair about 140 feet of West Shore Road, and that took till 6 p.m. that day. Cardi Corporation got started at 4 a.m. this morning, DiPetrillo said.

Mayor Joseph J. Solomon, who was on-site Monday night and Tuesday morning, commended the hard work and quick action of DiPetrillo, DPW Director Mat Solitro, and the Water Division and DPW crews who responded.

Because of their swift response, Solomon said, the break has been repaired, helping to avoid a catastrophic situation and additional disruption to residents and businesses.

“West Shore Road is now open, and I’d like to compliment all parties involved, especially my staff, the Department of Public Works, the Water Division, Police, and Fire for completing this in a timely, efficient manner. In Warwick, we don’t skip a beat. We keep moving forward no matter what is thrown at us, and we’re getting stronger and better every day. I would also like to thank our residents and surrounding businesses for their understanding as we worked to make these repairs,” Solomon said.

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The Mayor’s office reports the work may have stirred up minerals, so if residents notice their water is discolored they should run cold water for 3-5 minutes. Residents with any additional questions or concerns may call the Water Division at 738-2008.

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