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Vinny Paz Arrested on Domestic Assault Charge [UPDATED]


Update, March 15, 12:40 p.m.:

WARWICK, RI — Vinny Paz, 55, pleaded no contest to charges of domestic assault and domestic disorderly conduct at his arraignment this morning at Kent County Courthouse.

Judge Mary E. McCaffrey sentenced Paz to a one-year suspended sentence and one year’s probation on the assault charge and dismissed the disorderly conduct charge.

McCaffrey also ordered Paz to attend batterers intervention, substance abuse, and domestic abuse counseling, surrender his firearms, and pay $221.75 in court costs and fines. She also imposed a no-contact order for Paz’s girlfriend.

In a separate decision, prosecutors withdrew a charge of violating probation set in a prior felony assault case brought by Providence Police. Paz is scheduled for arraignment on that charge on April 5.

Local media reported that Paz was seen signing autographs outside the courthouse following the hearings.

Original post, March 15, 10:30 a.m.:

WARWICK, RI — Warwick Police reported the arrest of former boxing champion Vinny Paz, 55, just before 3 a.m. on March 15, and charged him with one count each of domestic assault and domestic disorderly conduct.

According to a department press release, the WPD planned to present Paz as a probation violator stemming from his arrest in January on a felony assault charge in Providence.

Warwick Police said they received a call at 2:53 a.m. from Paz’s girlfriend saying he has just assaulted her. When officers arrived at 54 Tivoli Court, “they could hear [Paz] shouting at someone inside,” according to the police report.

Officers entered the house through the garage because they could not get an answer at the door or by phone.

Paz was scheduled for arraignment on the new charges this morning at Kent County District Court.

In his boxing career, the former Vinny Pazienza, who legally changed his last name in 2001, was 50-10 with 30 wins by knockout, five world boxing titles and the USBA championship. His recovery from a severe spinal injury was the subject of the 2016 film Bleed for This.

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